About Grandpa Dan's

Grandpa Dan's Tree Farm was started by "Grandpa" Daniel K Hedtke in the 1990's. Grandpa Dan hand planted and sheared trees for the better part of three decades as a hobby in his retirement. The proud Korean War Veteran passed away in May 2021 at the age of 89.

In November 2021, the farm was purchased by some of his customers, the Meyer Family, who coincidentally have two "Dan's" of their own. 


The Meyer Family

In November 2021; Danny (3), Arthur (5), and Oliver (6) took on candy cane and hot chocolate responsibilities at the farm.

The farm and the family are run by Aimie Meyer. Aimie is a degreed Chemical Engineer from Purdue University. She's the 2001 Light of Christ recipient from St Joes Middle School. Aimie also responds to "Mom" and "Smoking Hot Aimie."

Dan Meyer (proud husband and father) recently became a Home Depot Pro Xtra Member.

Learn more about how the Meyer's got into the tree farm game at Aimie's Our Whole Whorl blog post.