Last First Fall 2022

Published on 17 November 2022 at 13:25

This is our last first fall. This is the last time we’ll experience a season for the first time. It’s the last time we’ve done any essential tree farming activity for the first time. Over the last 11 months, we cut, cleared, burned, mulched, planted, transplanted, watered, sheared, and trimmed trees. If I’m honest, I hope a few of those activities were done for the last time. Others we will do on repeat. Most I welcome the opportunity to do again.

Maybe this last first fall is the reason the colors look brighter when driving to and exploring the farm. My first thought is that these colors are brighter than I remember. But then, we’ve never seen these trees and their fall colors before. With all of the time spent out at the farm, it feels like we have. But it hit me the other day that we’ve never seen the farm like this.

Our first fall. Our last first fall; however, I’m not sure I can call it a true fall. Many typical summer jobs trickled into the fall season, such as shearing and remodeling the shed. We spent the fall continuing to shear and mow. Eventually, these jobs became less frequent and activities shifted more towards the selling season. Making merchandise, signs, and social media posts. Buying supplies, gear, and tools. Making arrangements for donations, wreaths, and photographs. There was more to do before the leaves turned and the snow fell. I suspect there will always be more to do.

Overall I feel content with what we’ve achieved. I look around, first at the beautiful colors, and then at the stability the colors surround. Our trees are larger, yes, and a little more shaped. But if I forget to look closely, the trees appear mostly the same. Still green as the season changes. I find potential in the fall colors and comfort in the trees. Ever changing, ever steady.

I expect each fall will bring new excitement as we ready ourselves to welcome customers back to the farm and share the farm and the trees. Seasonally, it’s our last first fall. It won’t be the last time we fall when trying something new. For now, we look forward to the familiarity of selling trees – the familiar faces, the familiar festivities – and we can’t wait to greet you at Grandpa Dan’s this year!

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